Let’s start from the easiest part: there have been style changes, there have been line-up changes, but the only thing that remained (and probably always will be) unchanged since the beginning of this band is the presence of Ettore Rigotti as player, composer, sound-engineer and producer.We could easily say that Disarmonia Mundi is simply his own vision of extreme-melodic music and end the biography right here, but it would maybe be a little disappointing for you all, so we’ll have to spend some more words about the past of this band and find a better way to introduce you to its bizarre world.


Cold Inferno

Mind Tricks (Extended Version)

The Isolation Game

Nebularium + The Restless Memoirs EP

Mind Tricks

Fragments Of D-Generation



Princess Ghibli The Best Selection Revisited

Princess Ghibli II

Princess Ghibli